High-precision dosing pumps for applying sealing compound

Beinlich is now supplying a customer with high-precision dosing pumps for applying beads of silicon sealant and for bonding housing components together. In two-component systems, the pumps are used for media with viscosities from 5 mPas up to a highly viscous 1,000,000 mPas and reach precisions of over 90 percent at high pressure after just two revolutions.

This precision, which even Swiss watchmakers can only dream of, is achieved using the latest Beinlich gear technology.

In the two-component systems, two of these dosing pumps ensure the ideal mixture ratio using different volumetric displacements and different speeds for bonding plastic parts, filling with resins, or applying sealing compound.

This prevents the permeation of moisture, for example, and in electrical components, sealing compound is applied to prevent short-circuits.

In addition, the pumps are used to apply rubber-like surfaces to improve the grip. In the manufacture of mobile telephones and MP3 players for example, non-slip surfaces are created for good grip, components are protected against the permeation of moisture, and buttons are made of contact-friendly materials.