Customer-specific special solutions for aviation and aerospace companies

No customer demands are impossible to solve for the Gevelsberg-based Beinlich Pumpen Company - whether dealing with skydrol or kerosene, whether dealing with air-tight sealing or explosion-proof areas, whether dealing with a high level of flow co-efficient at low pressure or low flow co-efficient at a high temperature.

In the fields of aviation and aerospace, the company has produced the most varied of solutions – individually for the customer.

For example, a client wanted a pump that was both a transfer pump as well as a high-pressure pump for use with thin fluids and needed a supplier that does not only manufacture appliances in a tailor-made fashion, but also provides the know-how for future developments.

In this case, Beinlich was able to expand the appropriate transfer pump with a permanent magnet coupling and an ATEX motor from their affiliated company - DST - Permanent Magnetic Couplings - and then supply the customer with the product that was ready for installation. In this field of low-pressure systems, Beinlich is able to draw upon over 50 years of experience with regards to the construction of external toothed gear pumps. Special coating and material combination as well as the selection of the correct sealing materials have been successfully tested on long test tracks and, in this case, could effectively and cost-efficiently entered the task management phase.

When dealing with the high-pressure pump, the Development Department drew upon efficient radial piston pumps that have been self-developed and manufactured. In this pressure field, the high level of volume flow rate is implemented by constructing multiple levels upon a shaft: Four levels were integrated in order to convey 50 l/min at a level of 250 bar.

In addition to this, airtight magnet couplings were implements as shaft seals that guarantee fault-free and maintenance-free operation. This was due to the fact that the systems were to be used in an explosive area.

The product range of Beinlich Pumpen GmbH ranges from 0.1 to 2600 cc/rev at low-pressure levels and from 0.4 to 42 cc/rev at high-pressure levels. In doing so, various qualities of steel and stainless steel are used.